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  • Intermedia Outdoors Pointing Dogs: Intermediate Training
    14.99 USD

    Pointing Dogs: Intermediate Training - With the basic commands mastered, the young dog is ready to begin more advanced work. Bob West introduces the training table and demonstrates its use in teaching ""whoa"" and the trained retrieve, then shows how to move this training onto the ...
  • Polar Dogs Fleece Full Zip
    34.98 USD

    Our Polar Dogs Fleece Full Zip features all-around warmth and dependability for any outdoor adventure. Wear it alone or as a second layer against the cold....
  • Moore Outdoors Dog Bone Antler Chews (TINKERBELL)
    9.99 USD

    Moore Outdoors Dog Bone Antler Chews are made using the finest-quality North American deer and elk antlers available. This means they contain all-natural high mineral content; wont splinter; are good for dental health; provide a healthy coat; have no dyes, preservatives or allergens; ...
  • Moore Outdoors Dog Bone Antler Chew Ropes - Natural (MEDIUM)
    11.99 USD

    Safe, natural, odor-free and long-lasting, these Dog Bone Antler Chew Ropes contain no dyes, preservatives or allergens making them perfect for promoting your poochs dental health. Each antler is high in minerals. 100% organic hemp rope material. Medium and large are 0.5 ...
  • Gun Dog Puppy Basics DVD - Retrievers
    14.99 USD

    Get your puppy on the way to becoming a respected bird dog with the Gun Dog Puppy Basics Retrievers DVD. Featuring Gun Dog editor Rick Van Etten and professional trainer Tom Dokken, youll acquire the skills on how to choose and start a retriever puppy ...
  • Gun Dog Intermediate Training DVD Retrievers
    14.99 USD

    Get your dog ready to retrieve with the Gun Dog Intermediate Training DVD. Featuring Gun Dog editor Rick Van Etten and professional trainer Tom Dokken, you receive detailed step-by-step instructions for force-fetching, marking and casting to properly train your dog for waterfowl ...
  • Gun Dog Shed-Antler Training DVD
    14.99 USD

    Professional dog trainer and developer of Dog Bone training products Jeremy Moore demonstrates his step-by-step procedure for training your hunting companion to find and retrieve shed antlers in the Gun Dog Shed-Antler Training DVD. By emphasizing low pressure with constant control, Moore ...
  • Gun Dog Duck Dog Training Your Retriever DVD
    14.99 USD

    Whether youre new to training dogs for duck hunting or a veteran, youll appreciate author, professional trainer and waterfowler Jim Spencers common-sense approach to training in the Gun Dog Duck Dog Training DVD. Covering marks, lengthening, blind retrieves, lining, casting, stopping, steadying, whistle commands, ...
  • Lucky Dog Small Training Dummy Per Each - Natural
    5.99 USD

    These small-sized dummies are perfect for training younger dogs and for simulating smaller birds. Available in canvas dummies with closed-cell foam and inner weight or plastic knobby dummies with air valves to adjust weight and buoyancy.Sizes: 2 x 12 (plastic) ; 2 x ...
  • Major Dog Buoy Dummy (SMALL)
    12.99 USD

    Major Dogs Buoy Dummy is perfect for your water-loving canine, plus it goes through the same contaminant tests as a childs toy so you know its safe for your four-legged pal. Extreme weather and scratch resistance ensures it stands up to Mother Nature ...