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  • AIRE Inflatable Boat Repair Kit
    80.00 USD

    This repair kit gives you what you need to make field repairs on your AIRE inflatable raft, cataraft or IK. All you need for fixing punctures, tears, zipper problems and other repair issues when you're out with your AIRE boat. This kit does not ...
  • NRS Pennel Orca Cataraft Repair Kit
    64.95 USD

    NRS Pennel OrcaA (R) Cataraft Repair Kit. Contains the essentials for emergency boat material and Leafield valve repair. This is the same kit that comes with a new NRS Pennel OrcaA (R) Cataraft. Repair parts are fitted in a water-resistant case, with gasket-lined ...
  • Railblaza StarPort HD TracMount Kit
    9.99 USD

    The TrackMount Kit includes the hardware needed to mount a Railblaza StarPort HD base mount to kayak track rails. The StarPort HD (not included with this mounting kit) has 2 holes specifically intended for use with this kit. They will need to be drilled out ...
  • Brownells Taren Tactical Innovations M&P Firepower Base Pad Kit +5/+6
    44.99 USD

    Patented proven push pin design Super easy to attach and detach from the magazine No specialty tools or devices required to disassemble One piece design, no extra parts to possibly lose during disassembly Designed specifically for the M&P CNC machined from billet aluminum ...
  • Brownells Mossberg 500/590/835/930/935 Safety Kit
    35.99 USD

    Includes the Brownells Enhanced Safety Button and the other parts in the safety system that get worn, dinged up, or lost. Replace everything at the same time to ensure smooth, positive, reliable operation of this critical component. Safety button screw also sold separately, so you ...
  • Midwest Industries, Inc. Ar-15/M16 Gen2 Ss Series Panel Kit
    14.95 USD

    Two flat panels and one hand stop panel Textured surface provides additional gripping friction Includes mounting hardware Aids in the insulation of heat protection Easy installation Fits Midwest Industries Gen II SS AR-15 Handguards Only Mfg: Midwest Industries, Inc....
  • Wisner Colt Saa Reduced Power Spring Kit
    27.99 USD

    Kit contains a medium weight hammer spring that reduces tension for easier trigger pull, plus medium and light sear/bolt springs; lets you select the best combination for a reliable trigger release. Mfg: Wisner SPECS: Spring steel. For Colt Single Action and clones. Sold as ...
  • Brownells 1911 Auto Mainspring Housing Rebuild Kit
    8.99 USD

    Handy kit contains all the parts you need to mount a new mainspring housing on your 1911, or reburish the internal components to factory-new condition. Includes standard, factory weight (23 lb.) hammer spring to help ensure positive ignition and restore your pistol's reliability ...
  • Seekins Precision Safety Selector Kit, Ambidextrous, Black
    34.19 USD

    90 degree standard throw lever 60 degree short throw lever Available in black Drop in replacement for Mil-Spec selector switch Fully ambidextrous Not recommended to be used with the Hipertouch trigger Mfg: Seekins Precision...
  • Knights Armament Ar-15 Qdc Mams Muzzle Brake Kit 22 Caliber
    299.99 USD

    Knight's Armament QDC (Quick Disconnect Coupler) MAMS (Multi-Axis Muzzle Stability) Muzzle Brakes act as a quick detach mounting platform for a companion KAC QDC sound suppressor. Standing alone, the brake kits make excellent muzzle brakes, reducing felt recoil and diffusing blast. Machined from ...