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  • Walker's Game Ear Alpha Muffs and All Sports Glasses Combo
    42.40 USD

    Walker's Game Ear Alpha Muffs and All Sports Glasses Combo:5x hearing enhancement, 50db of powerSound activated compression, reduces loud soundsNoise reduction rating 24dBAntibacterial agentUltra-light weight2 wind-resistant, high-frequency, stereo microphones for precise sound directionality2 independent volume controlD-Max greenAll sports glasses4 ...
  • Walker's Game Ear Spare Batteries
    6.99 USD

    To activate, simply remove the backing from the battery. Average battery life is 100 hours, depending on volume. Per four. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. Type: Batteries....
  • Walker's Game Ear Tip Variety Pack - Natural (M)
    9.99 USD

    Enhance your natural hearing with all-digital, high-definition sound. The Sound-Activated Compression circuit, coupled with the noise reduction rating of 29db (among the highest in the industry) , deliver distortion-free sounds and less circuit noise. At less than 1/4 oz., theyre hardly ...
  • Walker's Game Ear Hearing Device Batteries
    19.99 USD

    Always have replacement batteries to keep your Walkers Game Ear Hearing Device running at full strength. Mercury-free batteries ensure your sound-amplification device performs like new. Store at room temperature. To install, remove tab and wait 60 seconds before inserting into your Walkers Game ...
  • Walker's Razor Series Ultralow-Profile Muffs - black
    59.99 USD

    Featuring ultralow-profile rubberized earcups, Walkers Razor Series Muffs protect your hearing without interfering with your shot, allowing you to concentrate on the target. Two omnidirectional microphones with full dynamic-range HD speakers deliver clear, balanced sound so you can hear range commands, while the ...
  • Winchester Ultra Ear - zinc
    39.99 USD

    They magnify your hearing, but when a loud sound occurs, the Winchester Ultra Ear blocks and protects your ears from dangerous decibels. When you wear the set of two Ultra Ears, the amplifiers help you accurately pinpoint where different sounds are coming from. Automatic sound ...
  • Walker's Razor Series Ultralow-Profile Muffs with Shooting Glasses - Grey
    69.99 USD

    Protecting your eyes and ears is among the most important things to consider before you head to the range. Fortunately, the Walkers Razor Series Ultralow-Profile Muffs and Shooting Glasses take care of both of those issues. Walkers high-grade impact-resistant sport glasses have ...
  • Walkers GSMWGEXGE1BB Walkers Game Ear Game Ear Hd Elite
    172.95 USD

    40dB of hearing enhancement1 environmental adaptive listening mode4 digital sound processing channels20-bit audio processor for crisp, clear sound8-band graphic equalizerNano-tech water repellent coatingAutomatic feedback control20% smaller than Game Ear Series 1Toggle volume controlSound activated compression (SAC) Low battery tone indicatorNR:R 29dBRequires #...
  • Walker's Game Ear EXT Range Shooting Folding Ear Muffs
    24.99 USD

    Walker's Game Ear EXT Range Shooting Folding Ear Muffs provide extra hearing protection needed for shooting magnum rifles and short-barreled handguns, or for working with heavy machinery. A padded headband and soft PVC ear pads ensure a...
  • Walker's Game Ear Ultimate Power Muffs
    99.99 USD

    Walker's Game Ear Ultimate Power Muffs give you maximum hearing protection fromoud noises, while enhancing hearing up to 9 times. Made with a proprietary blend of sound dampening composite materials, these earmuffs are able to...