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  • NRS 1"" Color Coded Tie-Down Straps
    3.60 USD

    NRS Color Coded Tie-Down Straps let you tell at a glance what size strap you have. Tough polypropylene webbing and our heavy-duty 1"" cam buckle ensure reliable performance and long-lasting durability. Why fumble around looking for the right cam strap while rigging ...
  • NRS 1"" HD Tie-Down Straps
    4.00 USD

    Absolutely the best cam straps you can buy! The NRS 1"" HD Tie-Down Strap has been the first choice of rafters, kayakers, canoeists and other outdoor folks for over 35 years. Our 1"" wide polypropylene webbing has a tensile strength of 1,500 pounds, ...
  • NRS Outlaw Raft PVC Material - 2000d 6"" x 18""
    8.95 USD

    Repair material for NRS Outlaw Rafts. This tough PVC-coated material can also be used for repairs on other PVC rafts, catarafts, IKs and pontoon boats. 6"" x 18"" in size. Use Clifton Urethane Adhesive, Stabond Adhesive or Vynabond Adhesive when making repairs. Material is ...
  • AIRE Inflatable Boat Repair Kit
    80.00 USD

    This repair kit gives you what you need to make field repairs on your AIRE inflatable raft, cataraft or IK. All you need for fixing punctures, tears, zipper problems and other repair issues when you're out with your AIRE boat. This kit does not ...
  • GSI Camp Mug with NRS Logo
    5.25 USD

    The NRS Camp Mug combines a classic look with timeless durability. This rugged enamelware coffee cup is perfect for camping or for making a statement around home or at the office. Makes a great gift! Thick-gauge steel is double-coated with high-gloss enamel ...
  • NRS J-Hook Tie-Down Straps
    16.15 USD

    NRS J-Hook Straps are ideal for a multitude of tie-down applications. Use them to secure boats on a roof rack or to lash down loads on a trailer. Our high-tenacity polypropylene webbing has a lashing capacity of 1,100 pounds for worry-...
  • NRS Purest Mesh Duffel Bag
    39.95 USD

    A tough, heavy-duty duffel for the pure enthusiast! The NRS Purest Duffel Bag will endure years of abuse, including, but not limited to: rough tosses into pickup beds, gentle handling from airport personnel, and your roommate's raunchy gear. Sturdy 600-denier urethane coated ...
  • NRS Quick-Change Mesh Duffel Bag
    15.95 USD

    This is the best boating accessory to come along in many a year! The NRS Quick-Change Duffel gives you a rugged, ventilating gear bag and a changing pad to protect you from the sticks, stones and stickers of life. The Bag: The bag is ...
  • NRS Boat Bag for Rafts,IKs and Cats
    74.95 USD

    Protect your boats from UV rays that can prematurely age them plus keep dirt and debris off your boat while in storage or when traveling. Great for storing or transporting boats from IKs up to 18 foot rafts. Bags come in assorted colors. The product ...
  • NRS Canoe 3-D End Float
    54.95 USD

    Infinity 3-D End Floats give you the water displacement you'll need under most conditions. Combine them with center floats and you'll be ready for big-water tandem paddling. Fits most canoes except those equipped with factory flotation chambers. These bags are made ...